Hunting For Wisconsin Real Estate?

james-cuspideuk-wisconsin-realtorFinding a good deal on a home is becoming increasingly difficult with the speed of the internet as a targeted search tool. Many listings don’t hang around for long and low-ballers are increasingly missing out o good deals. The internet is making it easier and easier for folks to find exactly what they want, and when they find it, they snap it up.

With Central Wisconsin a growing vacation destination primed by the Dells, real estate is in increased demand. Condos, lake homes and secluded cottages are all popular with buyers looking for a quiet Wisconsin getaway or permanent home to enjoy all year long.  Homes for sale in Wisconsin are in increasing demand as more and more people realize how tranquil and unique the Badger State can be.

Act Now While Interest Rates Are Low

Interest rates have remained low for several years, with many Federal programs in place. VA home loans, FHA, USDA. HARP and others all offer a variety of different financing options for families in different situations. First time home-buyers can still find low financing rates on USDA loans, for example, and Veteran loans remain a great option for current and retired military members and their spouses.

In today’s fast paced real estate market one needs to keep a close eye on the new listings hitting the MLS in order to react quickly on the type of homes their is interest in. And the good news is we can help keep you in the loop when new real estate listings hit the market.

We have the resources and expertise to provide buyers and sellers with a wide variety of services. Vacation homes, first time buyers, hunting land, recreational land, commercial property, rent to own and more. By offering a complete selection of real estate services and options we are able to provide excellent service and assistance to buyers and sellers.

Find The Perfect Lake Homehouses-for-sale-wi

Wisconsin is a state of many beautiful lakes and rivers and many families want to enjoy these bodies of water during the warm summer months. Lake homes and cottages offer a perfect mix of relaxation and use-ability. Yet finding the right lake house can be a challenge. Not all lakes are created equal. What looks like a beautiful water ski lake in june, can quickly transform into a weedy mud hole come late July, and August. We offer our clients a strong and solid understanding of central Wisconsin lakes and rivers. Hop on board with us and we will point you in the right direction and make sure you focus on favorable bodies of water that match your needs and desires. With a wide variety of resources at our fingertips like the MLS we can quickly locate specific property types in specific regions of the state.

Looking For Wisconsin Hunting Land For Sale?

When it comes to good hunting land, all parcels are not created equal. Certain areas of the state hold more deer, and larger trophy bucks. We educate our clients about the area they are looking to purchase land in, so they can make the best decisions. Cost per acre for hunting land in Wisconsin varies greatly. Why pay a premium price for land that is sub par and not in an area known for quality whitetail management? And certain counties in WI are better suited for ATV use. Take Adams county for example, which is blazing a huge network of ATV trails throughout. What a great place for buyers looking for recreational land for hiking, biking and ATV use.

We’ve also partnered with the folks at Hunting Land Wisconsin to help buyers looking for hunting land for sale in Wisconsin as well. They use a cutting edge property locator service which alerts buyers whenever a property that matches the type of parcel they desire becomes available for sale. This can be crucial because high quality hunting land with large trophy buck potential is in very high demand throughout the state. When a motivated seller decides to make a move and list their property for sale at a reasonable cost per acre, you want to be alerted to be able to move in quickly.

Crossbow hunting is now legal in WI so more and more people are getting into deer hunting and looking for crossbow reviews on land they can hunt for deer. is a great place to find the best land in central WI for xbow hunting!

Recreational Land For Sale In Portage WI and Pardeeville WI

These nearby towns have a lot to offer with the Wisconsin Dells a short drive away, and many area lakes for fun and recreation. In winter snowmobile trails wind all through Columbia county and connect the cities of Portage and Pardeeville. I work closely with other WI realtors who specalize in buying and selling hunting land and recreational property.

Commercial Property For Businesses And Investors

With the Wisconsin Dells a growing restort area, commercial land is in high demand. Tell us what you need and we will find it for you. From small plots of commercial real estate zoned for small business use, to large parcels suited for hotels and resorts, we can help you find what you need.

Camp Grounds And RV Parks For Sale

We get inquiries all the time about owners selling camp grounds and RV Parks. While opportunities like these do exist, they are rather few and far between.

Your best bet for finding info like this would be a campingg website like They have a section listing different camping gear and camp sites that are currently on the market in different areas.

And if you are into camping they do great tent reviews, cot reviews, generator reviews and all sorts of guides and info on camping in general.

Custom House Address Rocks For Realtors

We work with DekoRRa products in Rio, WI to manufacture fake rocks with personalized house address number plaques fastened to them. Originally we ordered these for some of our clients who worked with us in purchasing homes. When a client would close on a home, we would provide them with one of these custom house address rocks as a gift of appreciation for choosing us as their trusted real estate agent. This has taken off so well we have decided to start selling these fake rocks ourselves and offer them to other realtors and home buyers alike. We will post more information with an order form sometime soon.

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